Mini Wand Jewel


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Product Description

Since ancient times, the wand has been considered a symbol of power and a magical instrument to materialize dreams. For this purpose, Souloa has reproduced the wand, always used by all people of power, in miniature and pendant, to carry it always, reminding you at all times that you have to dream, ask and manifest. This pendant has been designed thinking of different symbolic elements that make the whole jewel an amulet: “11:11 Make a Wish”, claim clause on the wand that together with the magic numerology of 11 reminds us of the importance of using our Innate power, the wand is an enhancer of our interior to bless and ask.

Made of solid silver, the perfect conductive material that multiplies the energy to attract abundance. The three-pointed crown gold plated silver, adorned with a semiprecious stone, symbolizes the innate power in each one of us and also represents the energy of the Holy Trinity. In addition, its dimension multiplied by three is the measure of the original version of Souloa’s wand. Available in 7 different stone colors according to the chakra we want to improve: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Possibility also to have the wand made entirely in 18kt gold.