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By April 19, 2018Breakfast With Soul

Last Wednesday, April 18th, SOULOA made its first “Breakfast with Soul”, an special meeting that is part of a tour, in which each month several guests will share table to enjoy a delicious “breakfast with Soul” enlivened with the SOULOA philosophy.
On this first occasion, the meeting took place at the cozy Book Café PhiloSofia, a new space at the prestigious Sofia Hotel in Barcelona. In the course of the event, were shared experiences and also were realized different dynamics in which were trained the power of visualization and attraction as well as enhance the vital energy that we all have inside.
SOULOA is a word created by Angela Sanchez, born of the union of “Soul” and “Aloha”, which is “hello” in Hawaiian, a term used to Say hello and bless. In other words Say Hello to your Soul!




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