Businesswoman and Public Relations with extensive experience in the communication of prestigious international companies.

She has been interviewed as a enterpeneur in magazines like Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and Spend In, among others. She also writes articles about lifestyle and new trends in different national media.

Angela has always been committed to happiness and joy. Passionate about luxury and the beautiful things of life, her existence is full of miracles and synchronicities that has led her to seek the magic that we all possess in our interior by studying Kabbalah and practicing disciplines such as Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Ho’oponopono … And with this book she wanted to share some of her experiences with readers.


Souloa is a word created by Ángela Sánchez formed with the union of SOUL and ALOHA. ALOHA means hello in Hawaiian, used to greet and bless. It is born from the need to increase the energetic vibration, the vision and the conscience of the world. SOULOA is “Say Hello to your Soul”, is to recognize and know how to use the power and energy that each one has inside through the vibration of thought and of the word.